Foreign funds acceptance: 4 institutions debarred.

10:30 PM, Monday, August 2nd, 2010

Thiruvanathpuram : In the last 3 years, Kerala and 4 institutions in North of the state, Malabar region, have received over 2342 crores of rupees from foreign sources to destroy Indian Economy and people, through terrorism, fake notes and such other doubtful anti-national purposes, it is learnt on Sunday here. Kodiyeri Balakrishnan, Home Minster has agreed to submit a report to the Centre on terrorist and anti-national activities of all political / NGO institutions that had received this huge amount of money to de-stabilize governments and to impose terrorist rule in Kerala and India at large. The state govt. would take a final decision on whichever anti-national organisation deserves to be banned from the state, he added. He said the Centre should prohibit international anti-Indian outfits.
The fund flow to all these unpatriotic and aggressively violent organisations / outfits taking shelter in Kerala in particular and India as a whole, is definitely more than what  we have calculated so far, because there are umpteen sources from which funds come in to India to muslimise it, the Home Minster of Kerala told newsmen in Kasaragod this week.
The funds flowing in like floods after Monsoon rains, no one knows where and into whose pockets they go, he added. Four outfits (including 3 NGOs) stand banned now. But since 2005, Kerala had 1565 outfits that secured Rs 656 crores form abroad. In 2006-07, 1553 outfits got Rs 884 crores through banks. In 2007-08, 1512 bodies obtained Rs 801 crores. The Home Minister did not say how much was impounded or sealed by the Kerala govt.

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