Germany will invest more if there is good infrastructure in State, says Consul

2:29 PM, Saturday, January 9th, 2016

Joem-RohdeMysuru : Karnataka has emerged as prime location in the country for foreign investments because of its special features. With proper basic facilities and sufficient power supply, the State can attract a large number of foreign investors, said Consulate General of Germany, Bengaluru, Joem Rohde.

During a session at ‘Innovative Business Leaders Mysuru and Nanjangud Industries-Meet 2016’, organised by Mahabodhi Carla Student Home and School and National Institute of Engineering (NIE) at NIE, the Consulate General said Karnataka was a prime location for investors because of its climatic conditions and other facilities.

“But, the major concerns are, the State needs better physical infrastructure like roads and train facilities. In addition, power is a major concern that the State should take care of, Rohde added.

Germany is a major investor in India, as the country has huge manpower with good talent. The country needs to invest more on education to polish the skills of youth, he suggested.

German companies like Bosch, Siemens, and SAP, a software company, are active in Karnataka and across the nation. If the authorities ensure better infrastructure, Germany will invest more in Karnataka, Rohde said.

“In the recent past, Germany had invested Rs 9 billion in India, but it could gain only Rs 17 billion in four years. Due to lack of infrastructures and facilities, we could achieve only Rs 8 billion more,” he said. If the infrastructure is developed, the country will grow faster, he opined.

Germany never compromises with quality and thus the country cannot compete with China in terms of price. “With good quality, the life span of German products is longer. Even after sales, we keep in touch with our customers to provide them better service,” Rohde pointed out, adding that education plays a key role at all levels.

NIE Principal G L Shekar said India was one of the fastest developing countrys in the world. “Big foreign industries are coming forward to invest here and thus the country needs more innovations. The concept of ‘Make in India’ is contributing hugely towards development, he added.

Highlighting ‘clean power’– solar energy and wind energy, the principal said, according to a study the world will run on clean power by 2035 and by 2025, 80 per cent of the required power will be generated through solar and wind energy. Shekar said, manufacturing sector and industries were the largest consumers of power.

Poni Engineering Consultancy, Chennai, CEO R Jaganathan said real engineering was durability and reliability and skills plays a pivotal role in engineering. He asked the students to develop skills.

Earlier, Joem Rohde inaugurated a 100-kg capacity Biogas plant at Mahabodhi School. The plant was sponsored by German Consulate and designed by NIE-Centre for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technology (CREST).

Industrialists students and faculty of the NIE, scientists and environmentalists, were present.

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