Goodu- deepa competitions at Sri Krishna Math

9:53 PM, Friday, October 21st, 2011

Udupi-KrishnaUdupi : On October 24 it is Yamadeepa, on 25th  evening housewives fill the large vessels in bathroom  with water and add kumkum, accompanied by cymbals sounds on Naraka Chaturdashi and on October 26 morning, Amavasya reigns with Diwali or lamp lines all over the residential colonies.

At 5.30am (brahmi muhurtam, down) and after an oil bath, new clothes, house decoration sweets distribution, breakfast with special dishes, afternoon 1 pm special dinner, evening (6pm) earthen lamps start burning in rows in every frontyard in all tiled homes of West Coast, and at the specially decorated Tulasikatte (platform) where a Tulsi plant dances in the breeze.

There is Baleendra Pooja at the Sri Krishna Math and crackers go on bursting with fireworks in the sky.

On October 27 mornings, there is holy cow-worship (Go-Puja) for decorated and garlanded cows. At 6.30pm there is Sri Krishna Pooja and Tulasi Pooja.

Both cows and Tulasi garlands are dear to young Sri Krishna. The deity-worships will continue till Uttana Dwadashi (Nov. 7) daily, said Sirur Swamiji here.

There is a “hanging paper-lanterns” competition for all devotees who can bring colourfull varying forms of evening Goodu-deepas, Laxmivar Teertha informed on Thursday (Oct. 20).

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