Google+ enters social websites to break Facebook monopoly

6:18 PM, Thursday, June 30th, 2011

google Vs facebookUSA: The Google is getting ready to break the monopoly of Facebook in social website world. It is trying to crush the popularity of Facebook, by its new product Google plus. The scientists working at Google were asking people to go round Google plus.
People will increase mutual contacts on “online” now. The social websites are becoming successful now as new medium of news carriers. Google+ is resembling Facebook but giving a new sort of experience, it is claimed. You can have a new web in a circle. It is safe and free from attack by miscreants. Your friend can avoid an attack on prior information reaching him. The circle can go round friends, colleagues and schoolmates, unknown to aliens. You can make voice chat and video chat through Hangout.
You get a new touch of Group chatting. You can integrate your mobile call and other means to receive latest news or information.

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