Governor suffers final defeat: BJP rule to continue

1:02 PM, Monday, May 23rd, 2011

bs yeddyurappa hr bhardwajBangalore: CM Yeddyurappa’s visit to Vaishnodevi when he was in New Delhi last week did not fail to bring good results to him. In the final round of political boxing between CM and Governor Hans Raj (alias Kans Raj) the Governor was floored with a victory to CM. Surprisingly CM was in Mangalore at a People’s movement (Jan-andolan) public rally at the Central Maidan when Governor took a slap on the face from Central Govt which rejected his secret report recommending President’s rule. Now the movement will be centered round removing the state Governor Bhardwaj and CM promised at the meeting on Sunday hot afternoon at the Nehru Maidan that he was leaving for Delhi that night from Bangalore. After fulfilling his engagement in Mangalore and Puttur, CM emplaned from Mangalore to Bangalore. His govt. has received another life like that proverbial cat that has nine lives.
At Mangalore only the DK minister Palemar was by his side on the dais and almost all MLAs, MPs, MLCs and Panchayats (ZP to GP) heads or members, anybody who is a BJP leader, was present at the Jan-andolan meet on Sunday.
Apart from the Governor, all state Congress and JDS MPs, legislators and other leaders have bitten the3 dust in spite of their bitter campaigns to displace CM on Sunday, by the firm stand taken by PM in New Delhi.
The Governor Hans Raj Bhardwaj, had kept under suspension the BJP Govt’s move to have the Budget session on May 16, wand again when it is re-fixed for June 2 next, saying he was waiting from New Delhi to receive a reply to his recommendations on President’s rule But he got a negative reply on Sunday, and this should help BJP to call the Budget session on June 2 to pass the estimates and pay long pending bills, even though CM told the Jan-andolan here on Sunday that his Govt. was cash rich upto Rs. 75,000 crores or even more, and that he was aiming at a lakh crores of rupees in the new Financial year 2011-12. The rejection of Governor’s report by the Centre, while it may not force the removal of Govt., but could invite his own resignation as threatened by him if events went against his wishes. Thus CM has come through another fire test this time unscathed. The BJP govt. has been strictly asked by the Centre, to follow certain rules definitely that are laid down by the Union Govt. These rules (or instruction) are likely to be communicated to Bangalore by Delhi only on Monday, May 23.

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