GP chairman find in dead in Sirsi Ghat: murder suspected

4:20 PM, Monday, September 12th, 2011

abdul salaamMangalore: Jali GP chairman Abdul Salaam who was missing since last Monday, was found dead in Sirsi Ghat this Sunday (Sept.11).
The otten body was recovered by Kumta police. “Medical” Salaam’s body had foul smell, according to complaining local villagers who reported to police. BHatkal police said, on Sept.6 (Tuesday), Salaam left in a car for Sirsi at 9 in the morning and disappeared.
Later, his body was identified by hi brother-in –law from certain identification marks and garments. Salaam lived in Bhatkal town.
Police believe it is a case of murder, but sent the body for ‘post-mortem’ tests. They feel, he died on the day he left Bhatkal.
The relatives lodged a complaint only on next Saturday, when few days had lapsed. Salaam had told them so, that his return would be delayed. He was engaged in money lending deals. More details are not known, about cause of death.

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