GP Kavoor accountant in Sex scandal.

12:10 PM, Friday, January 28th, 2011

GP Kavoor accountant in Sex scandal. Kavoor: A village accountant from Kavoor GP, named Shivananda Natekar, was beaten black and blue by local residents of Kavoor, who laid a trap for him and he entered  it, for enticing a married Dalit woman by name Kavya alias Nethravathi, to have sex with him before favouring her with a caste certificate as a Dalit woman.
He used to make frequent calls to her and was in the presence of her husband, before he was kicked around and handed over to local police for further treatment.
GP Kavoor accountant in Sex scandal. The Dalit Sangharsh Samithi was informed by the Dalit couple harassed by Natekar with false promises of providing caste certificate and a piece of land reserved for backward classes to build houses. Shivananda’s mobile calls to Kavya were dully recorded and he was arrested in a trap laid for him. He is from Bijapur district, the police found out.

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