Grand Shobhayatra of Omknarnagar Lord Ganesha idol

11:35 AM, Saturday, September 22nd, 2012

Grand ShobhayatraMangalore :  The idol of Lord Ganesha that was worshipped at Omkarnagar, Bunts Hostel in Mangalore,  under the aegis of Sri Siddhi Vinayaka Foundation, Ganeshotsava Samithi and various other organizations, was taken out in a colourful procession as part of a grand Shobha Yatra on the evening of September 21, Friday.

The procession which passed through various roads of Mangalore, culminated at Carstreet Sri Mahamaya Temple lake where the idol was immersed after several rituals.

Grand ShobhayatraThe grand procession was unique in the sense that nearly 30 Bhajans troupes  from various places of the district, took part in the procession. Several tableaux depicting mythological sequences were also on display.

Prior to the Sbhoba Yatra, Rajya Saba Member Oscar Fernandes visited Omkarnagar and offered prayers to Lord Ganesha.


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