H.S. Doreswamy defies police, stages protest in front of the Bengaluru Town Hall

12:55 PM, Friday, February 7th, 2020


Bengaluru : Freedom fighter and centenarian H.S. Doreswamy held a protest on the steps of Town Hall in the city on Thursday in defiance of the police. He said he would continue his protest on Friday as well, and has threatened to sit on a dharna in front of Deputy Commissioner of Police, Central Zone, office for putting up hurdles for democratic protest.

Citizens’ Rights Action Committee, a group of individuals and organisations, had sought permission from the police to hold a protest, led by Mr. Doreswamy, against CAA on the steps of Town Hall. “The city Police Commissioner orally said we could go ahead and referred the petition to DCP (Central). We received an oral communication from the police that permission would be given for the venue on Wednesday afternoon,” said Jagan of the committee.

However, late Wednesday night, Mr. Doreswamy received a visit from police officials. “They said that permission had been denied as others had already been given permission during these days. But did the police not know that they had permission to others? I rejected the notice given to me and here I am,” Mr. Doreswamy told from the steps of Town Hall.

Chetan Singh Rathore, DCP (Central), said the petition came to him only on Wednesday. “We had already given permission to two protests and two indoor programmes at Town Hall during these five days, which can’t be cancelled. I have permitted them to hold their protest from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Friday,” he said.
Protesters have sought permission to use Freedom Park for the next four days, but here, too, there appears be problems. “There are multiple protests scheduled at Freedom Park. We cannot allow an overnight protest. We will definitely accommodate them for a day,” said B. Ramesh, DCP (West).

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