Half-burnt dead boy found in Kadaba crematorium

7:03 PM, Sunday, August 8th, 2021

Dead BodyKadaba : A dead body was found in a public cemetery Half-burned state, and was a pitiful incident in which dogs were biting parts of the dead body.

A resident of Goliadka, near Kadaba, died on Saturday, The family member of the deceased had set fire to the body in crematorium. But in the evening, local residents found burn smell of dead body. the dead body was found in a semi-burnt condition.

The cemetery was restored a few months ago by Minister S. Angara, but, yet no one has been assigned to do the proper maintenance here. The locals have alleged that this is happening every day.

The PPE kit was also found in the cemetery, The locals warned if the local administration delays the proper maintenance of the cemetery, they will hold a protest.

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