Hani Printers and Publications releases thirteen books in Kannada

9:20 PM, Thursday, January 27th, 2011

Hani Printers and Publications Book releaseMangalore : Madarangi Sahitya Sambrama -2011 and Al –Madina Pubication organized a book release function of Hani Printers and Publications at Town Hall on Jan 27, Thursday.
Participating as the chief guest on the occasion, CM Ibrahim, said that the Muslim leaders who are trying to show the reality to the world must have shown much before.
Hani Printers and Publications Book releaseHe also said that, the Islam says that, the religion must not force to accept it and the Hindu and Christian god may also be like a prophet and hence they must not be criticized.
The thing gained without any effort will not be long lasting. These instances will also apply to the present Karnataka government. The public of the state must be ready for another election recently and this government will only run till February.
The countries unity is based on the efforts of all the religious leaders’ words. Today only if this country is secure all the religion will survive and remain peacefully.
Criticizing the politicians, he said that earlier the politicians would hide their face, if any newspaper highlight their mistakes, but now the politicians give more poses for video and photo, he added.
Hyder Parthipady, president of Tulunadu Ikyatha Vedike delivered the introductory speech. Abusufiyan H I Ibrahim Madani, chairman of Voice of Kuran, presided over the event.
Thirteen Kannada books like ‘Chinnara Loka’ authored by Muliya Shankar Bhat, ‘Dr Saab’ by Dr M S Krishna Moorthy, ‘Kuraani Chikitsegalu’, by Salatthoor Abubakkar Faizi, ‘Durantha Nayaka Madani’ by Ismath Phazeer, ‘ Shoonya’ by Mahim Ismail, ‘Halima’ by Fakruddin Ismail, ‘Kuraninalli Pravadhigalu’ by Habibulla Tangal, ‘Misrina Siri’by Salethoor Faizi, ‘O Laila’ by Kodikana Abdulla, ‘Sulaiman Nebi and Balkees Rani’ by Salethoor Faizi, ‘Tigrees na Putri’ by Habeebulla Rehman and ‘Huthathma’ by Thouseef Harekala’ were released on the occasion.
Harikrishna Punaroor, former president, State Kannada Sahitya Parishat, Haji Monu Kanachoor, president, Ullala Darga Samiti, Moideen Bawa, president, Congress Minorities Division, Haji S M Rasheed, SMR Group, Mangalore and others were present.

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