Hans Raj Bhardwaj at the receiving end both from Centre and BJP

6:35 PM, Monday, May 16th, 2011

Yeddyurappa Hansraj EshwarappaBangalore: The UPA govt under PM Manmohan Singh is not in a mood to impose President’s rule on Karnataka when CM Yeddyurappa enjoys an overwhelming majority in the state assembly with 13 MLAs added to his bag, 3 already sworn in and who put it in writing that they supported his leadership. One BJP MLA (Mysore) and 5 independents are not considered.
However Governor’s hasty letter to the Centre will be duly considered, official sources said. But there is no urgency in Home Ministry to abide by what he reported. The quick letter from Hans Raj to the PM is only due to a clash of egos between CM and the Governor, but has given a bad name to Hans Raj This time. It was a blow below the belt. There could be no floor test, nor a parade of all BJP MLAs in Delhi or Bangalore.
The NDA has strongly condemned the Governor of Karnataka for his needless report to Centre, when many state election results have come out and swearing in ceremonies are planned.
CM Yeddyurappa joked that the Governor was playing political game at the connivance of a wounded tiger like Congress or the jackal like JD-S on Monday.
K.S Ishwarappa, BJP Loss, on his part attacked Hans Raj Bhardwaj, state governor on Monday in Bangalore that a former Law Minister for 15 years does not trust in Constitution, democracy and law and order, but he behaves like a Congress agent reporting to the Centre in a hurry for no particular purpose except to rule himself over an elected party rule. BJP activists came in a walk to

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