Health minister Ramadas attacks private hospitals, not being service minded

3:47 PM, Friday, November 18th, 2011

healthBangalore: the state medical education minister S.A Ramdas has disapproved of the habit of making too much money by private hospitals, at the cost of poor patients by charging them heavy bills on their caretakers, and wanted a control over such greedy doctors under a new bill to be moved in legislature during the winter session .

Opening a clinical Test Center built under Bangalore Medical college Trust and Alumni jointly, the minister castigated all hospitals that have forgotten the social service oath they have taken and a code to cure 33% of the in patients who may be poor and unable to pay for medical expenses, as laid down by medical rules. But the rules are not followed by private hospitals, he charged. The amended medical Bill will take care of such arrogant private hospitals, he added.

The city Victoria Hospital is being refurbished and improved at a cost of Rs. 254 crores as possible. Health Service sector will be strengthened by 75% Central aid under a proposal. A separate Nursing university will be duly opened for Para-medical students attending to Military health care.

State planner Ramchandra Gowda also spoke on service standards at Government hospitals. Several doctors were present.

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