High Court notice to CM on illegal land grant to PES

7:09 PM, Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

HC-Yeddy-KattasBengaluru:The BDA on the order of CM yeddyurappa (written or oral) had illegally provided a site measuring 16,100 Sq.ft. in Feb. 2010 to an educational institution called PES running colleges in Bangalore, due to which Karnataka High Court issued a notice today(July 6) on CM to explain the situation.
Litigants has complained to the court that such allocation to people’s Education Society was patently illegal. The HC conducted an enquiry and issued a notice answerable by CM, BDA, Urban Development department, and other parties facing defence in this connection.
Katta’s case: Meanwhile, the state Governor (H R B) has given his consent to Loka yukta to proceed against Katta S. Naidu (MLA) and son Jagdish (BBMP member) in the scandal relating to appropriation of KIADB land.
It appears that enquiry is completed into the case, and a charge-sheet due to be issued, needs Governor’s consent, so LA  justice Hegde had written a letter to H.R. Bhardwaj.
Now that permission is obtained, LA Hegde informed that the charge-sheet would be registered in a court-of law.
The Lok Ayukta (LA) has registered 5 charge sheets out of seven cases relating to some  Companies and Higher level officers involved in land scans. When the case was filed, Katta was a minister, but remains an MLA even now, Hegde observed, while seeking permission to proceed against him. A stay order has been vacated and Lokayukta secured the Governor’s permission for prosecution in the katta KIADB case.

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