House at Uppinangadi being shifted seven feet away, ten feet down

4:52 PM, Friday, October 26th, 2018

housePuttur: Recently the level of a house in Sajipanadu village in Bantwal taluk had been raised by a few feet with the help of jacks. Now, another house in Uppinangadi is being shifted seven feet away from its current location and placed ten feet below its current level.

The owners of the house have decided to shift the house in view of safety concerns. The house in question stands on a hillock. On account of heavy rains received by the region recently, the house had faced danger, and to avoid tension, the building is being shifted to a safe spot a little away from its current position. TDB Engineering, Haryana, is executing this work.

house-2A house having ground and one upper floor spread over 2,800 square feet of area at Matha, Uppinangadi, is being taken away from its current spot. Currently the house is standing by the side of the protective wall. As there is another house directly below the current house, a protective wall had been built by spending Rs 15 lac. But because of heavy rain, the protective wall is leaning to one side and there was the danger for the house too.

Therefore, owner of the house, Bava Kunhi, decided to shift the house. The work began ten days back, and the foundation of the house built of rocks has been removed and replaced with over 200 jacks holding concrete beams.

The house is to be shifted seven feet away and then ten feet deep before the foundation is strengthened. Trolley technology is likely to be used for the shifting. The owner has entered into an agreement with the firm to complete the task of shifting within two months, and the company would be responsible to compensate the owner if the house suffers any damage in the process.

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