How to administer treatment of children obesity

9:13 PM, Wednesday, June 25th, 2014

children obesityJust as there is a growing population of obese adults so are the children as well. Children are vulnerable and have no power and authority to refuse or demand for a given type of diet. It is therefore the responsibility of the parents, guardians or any other adult close to them to point them towards the right direction in relation to the benefits of staying healthy and having the ideal weight. Since they are just kids expected to abide by the rules set be adults it is easy for them to have their weight controlled and managed by those taking care of them.

Different methods can be used on treatment of children obesity and this depends on the age of the child. For those still depending on breast milk the mothers are advised to eat healthy foods instead of relying on junk foods. The fats and other side effects of these foods are easily transferred to the infant through the breast milk.

children obesityIntroduction of solid foods should not be done early. The digestive system of a child is not fully grown and by giving him or her solid foods only may lead to obesity. This is so because the rate of activity of the child may not be adequate to burn the calories in the body.

Vegetables have numerous health benefits on children even though making them to like them may not be easy. It is recommended that meals consisting of vegetables should be re-introduced even when there is resistance. The other alternative is to get recipes that make the vegetable taste better and fun to eat. Once they get the concept it will be adhered to even as they grow up.

Cultivate the culture of regular exercise and this can yield results when parents encourage their children to join them as they work out. The regime does not have to be tough. Simple exercises such as taking a walk can go a long way in treatment of obesity.

Reduce the amount of time spent in front of television or computers. Games involving hand held gadgets such as video games should also be discouraged. Encourage the children to go out and engage in physical activities with their friends. This way they get to shed more calories and become fit.

children obesityMake the environment and tendency that promote healthy eating. Children are in most cases likely to imitate the adults and this means that the healthy eating has to begin with the adults around the child.

Enroll your child in school or community programs that encourage healthy eating and exercising especially among those experiencing the same challenges. Such programs help in the change of behavior that can be the cause of the excess weight.

Children are at the mercy of the adults who have to make the right decisions to ensure that these little ones have healthy and disease free lives not only in childhood but the other stages to come as well.

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