Hundred homes for poor Yakshagana artists from Yakshadhruva Patla Foundation

9:09 PM, Friday, July 8th, 2016

Yaksha DruvaMangaluru: Yakshadhruva Patla Foundation Trust has planned to build homes for poor Yakshagana artists.

Trust’s Founder President said that hundred homes will be constructed in a land of 5 acres at the out skirts of Mangaluru and those homes will be distributed to the poor Yakshagana artists who have served for Yakshagana.

“Yakshagana artists should continue their service in Yakshagana and their children should also actively participate in Yakshagana events,” he said.

He further said that the trust is in search of donators. As soon as the money collected the plan will be implemented.

Explaining about the structure of colony he said that the colony will have road, street lights, library and a play ground. The colony will be knowned as ‘Patla Yakshashraya Kalagrama’.

Two new units of Yakshadhruva Foundation will start from August 15 and August 20. Yakshadhruva Yekkar unit will assume charge on August 15 and kateel unit will start from August 20.

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