Idgunji Troupe felicitates chairman of Yakshagana Academy on Monday

8:18 PM, Monday, July 11th, 2011

yakshaganaMangalore: The need for a University on Yakshagana (as an art in practice) was stressed upon, for Bayalata/ Yakshagana, on the lines of Folk Arts University sanctioned by Karnataka Govt., by Kumble Sunder Rao, a Celebrated artist and head of Yakshagana Academy.
He was felicitated on Monday at the Town Hall, during a programme called “Yaksha Triveri” in its inaugural function.
An “in-depth study” of indigenous art form of the coastal region has not been done, but a University could do it, he believed.
Text books on Yakshagana are getting published by the Y. Academy. Those students interested in becoming players could use them. Efforts will be made to introduce such books by 2012/13. Rao opined that in Yakshagana, the player develops his personality and it also helps to make a place culturally rich.
Mangalore University Registrar Dr.K.Chinnappa Gowda informed that a museum of “Badagu-thittu” form of Yakshagana, would be set up soon at Mangala Gangotri Campus. Only”Thenkuthittu” materials are nitherto shown there. Both complement each other.
Artiste at town hall, from Idgunji Yaksha Mandali of Keremane, performed ‘Subhadra Parinaya’ in Badagu thittu form and style at night.

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