If marriage is delayed, Doing this will help

7:00 AM, Wednesday, December 16th, 2020

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Some errors in the horoscope can delay your wedding. The groom or bride may not be properly matched.

Sometimes the bride and groom find themselves in a lot of trouble, either in the Ganas or their character.

Errors in the horoscope and proper work, as well as your home-and-home matters can all interfere with the wedding.

In addition, from the oppression of the enemy, the word of propaganda often takes place in your personal life. It can also cause a wedding ban. If you are experiencing such problems and have a wish for a quick wedding, do this strategy.

Hreem Padmavathi Swaha
They write this mantra in a black Kajal on a palm leaf and leave it with turmeric-saffron and a little bit of novelty and punching water to get rid of your problem.

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