If Rahu dominates the horoscope, these symptoms are present

4:38 PM, Thursday, July 21st, 2022

Rahu Astrologers and Padhana Tantric Giridhar Bhatt

If Rahu deva dominates you, you will suffer losses due to these mistakes.

Rahu is a mystic planet. The symptoms start appearing as soon as they come in the horoscope. Rahu has a special eye on a person’s mind and tongue. Due to the confusion created in the mind, a person makes himself worse. He loses control of his tongue.

If Rahu dominates the horoscope, these symptoms are present. Confusion arises in the mind due to which the person makes himself worse.

Insulting or opposing the knowledge of astrologers, gnostics, gurus, gentlemen. Listening to the wrong is ignoring the right things.

Loss of control of the tongue, its social relations deteriorate. Crying about the past and dreaming big about tomorrow. Being a victim of anxiety, fear, restlessness even if nothing happens.

Dreaming too many dreams at night, failing to take any decision, changing decisions frequently, not trusting others, ruining social relations, deceitful thoughts, dishonesty.

The upcoming planets will start getting troubled. Frequent head injuries, places where Rahu resides, frequent visits to places where meat, fish and liquor are sold.

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