If there is a delay in the marriage, do this

7:00 AM, Sunday, September 13th, 2020

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Some have said that marriage is certainly in heaven, but the saying is yes. All relationships are created solely by debt.

But sometimes horoscope faults are visible in our ancestral or current practice. There are many reasons for disruption in good work. For example, the horoscope of the Kuja Dosa, the serpent error, the Ketu error, the Rahu error are from the poorva-karma, some come from the present karma.

They are the evil people, the enemy, and the unattractive personality. All of these can also delay your marriage.

To compensate for this, they must transform the errors in the horoscope.
It is best to do a Lalitha Nama parayan in a day.
Feed the fish every Wednesday.
Worship the Swyamvara Parvathi Yantra.
These actions will help your well being to go well.

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