If Venus is strong it will give good results

6:10 AM, Saturday, August 6th, 2022

A debilitated Venus (Shukra)  in a horoscope increases problems in married life. If Venus (Shukra) is afflicted by Rahu, Ketu, one will have to face problems or mental problems from wife.

Apart from this there may be problem in wife’s health, due to weak Venus (Shukra) you will have to face lack of happiness or enjoyment in your life.

Beauty depends on Venus (Shukra) and Moon. Sometimes due to debilitated Venus the person does not care about cleanliness, and does not take care of himself, facing a personal problem.

For Venus (Shukra) to be strong pay attention to cleanliness, respect women and take care of yourself so that Venus will give good results.

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