VHP, Bhajrangdal say they will stage protest against cattle trafficking

11:25 AM, Thursday, July 11th, 2013
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HinduMangalore : Vishwa Hindu Parishat and the Bhajrangdal have warned that they would resort to severe means of protest  if steps were not taken to end cattle trafficking in the region.

Speaking to reporters, Dharma Prachara Samithi’s District President Jithendra Kottari said  there has been a sharp rise in the cattle smuggling cases in the district since the Congress government took charge. He further added the number of theft cases in temples and basadis have also increased and this has been hurting Hindus.

Kottari urged the government to initiate strict action to prevent cattle smuggling and also to  avert theft cases.

Jagadish Shenava, Gopal Kuttar, VHP leaders. Sharan Pumpwell  Pradeep Pumpwell and Bhujanga Kulal, Bhajrangdal leaders were present on the occasion.


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