Youth caught for escaping with chain on pretext of polishing

11:21 AM, Wednesday, August 14th, 2013
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MaheshMangalore :  Public trapped a man from Bihar who was cheating people after promising to polish their gold ornaments. The man was trapped at Marpadi and handed over to police. His name is Anand while his accomplice Mahesh escaped.

The two used to visit house saying they would polish gold  ornaments. On Tuesday they had been to the house of one Chennappa and polished a copper vessel using chemical powder. As there were men in the house they did not ask the women to hand over their chains for polishing. They moved to the next house where there were two women and firs t polished their toe rings. When the women gave a gold chain, they dipped I in some solution and then wrapped it in a paper and gave back saying it should be opened after half an hour. In reality they had stolen eh chain and left the place. When the women came to know that they were cheated, locals gathered and went in search of them. One of them was trapped while he was travelling in a bus.

Both the accused were staying in a house at   Udupi.


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