H.K. PatilMangalore : H K Patil, Minister for Rural development and Panchayat Raj said that as soon as the congress led government came into power, it launched various developmental programmes like Anna Bhagya and Ksheera Bhagya schemes for the developmental of the people

Speaking at the press meet held at District Congress Office on Sep 16, Monday, Patil said that the government has setup more 1000 water units throughout the state with the aim to provide clean drinking water facilities in just 100 days of its existence as the ruling party.

H.K. PatilThe government has also waived bank loans of minorities and SC/ST’s. It has almost completed half of the assured work given by the party during the election manifesto, he said.

The government has aimed to build toilets for 56 lakhs families and already 1000 toilets are under construction as a part of rural development project.

Rajiv Gandhi Chaitanya scheme will be launched soon and 2 lakhs youths from rural villages will be given job opportunity, out which one lakh youths will be given training for short term in dairy, pottery and poultry, he added.

Congress leaders Kallige Tharnath Shetty, Ibrahim Kodijal, Suresh Ballal, Sadashiv Ullal and others were present.

K.H Pateel