Janardhana Poojary Critises CM on the Anti-Superstitions’ Bill

5:42 PM, Friday, November 8th, 2013
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poojaryMangalore : Senior Congress leader B. Janardhan Poojary in press meet held at Patrika  Bhavana on Friday No.8 criticized  the launching of Shaadi Bhagya’ Scheme and ‘ Anti-Superstitions’ Bill in the legislature without consulting the Hindu Community leaders and his own cabinet members.

Poojary added that Hindu’s have rarely have Superstitions these days and if there are any surviving on, these also are being changed. Hence he could not be for the CM to condemn  the only Hindu Community or other religious which may have some small Superstitions in modern times. Poojary said the Hindus were doing well in modern days in several ways of life without a Superstitions nature.  He therefore a wanted CM to re consider the bill before the assembly seeking an authority against Superstitions . He wanted Shaadi Bhagya’ Scheme to be extended to other non-Muslim communities as well.

Kallige Tharanath Shetty, Arun Coelho, Harikrishna B and Purander Kulur were present in the meet address by Poojary.


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