PUCL demonstrators come face to face with SAC rector for trying to evict john Baptist from his house

12:14 PM, Friday, December 6th, 2013
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PUCLMangalore : Door no 14-1-49, 49a Court ward, Patrao Lane Karangalpady, Mangalore is in dispute on Thursday as People Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL) demonstrators led by its president P.B D’Sa marched to the front gate of St. Aloysius Collage on the Lighthouse Hill with placards and pamphlets in protest against the rector of S. Aloysius Collage (Rev. Dr. Denzil Lobo) and other authorities for their act of trying to evict a 57 year old man, john Baptist and his  family members from their house where they lived for four decades, and for threatening to demolish this house where they lived peacefully all these years.

However, the SAC authorities issued a statement in replied to say that the house belonged to SAC authorities and John Baptist had illegally occupied it all these years and has not evicted it in spite of several notices and instructions to vacate the house.

The police of the area got wind of the situation and arrived there amidst hues and cries of the occupants of the disputed house and PUCL demonstrators at the venue. They requested parties, SAC and PUCL representatives to arrive at an amicable settlement of the burning issue, before higher evicting the family or demolishing the house.

The police found that was no water or power connection to the house since a few days as SAC authorities had cut of the water and power lines of the so-called illegal occupants of the house the police had to break open the doors has a priest of the SAC had locked the doors and kept the family in dispute out of the area.

The SAC authorities who claimed the area as theirs, where adamant that John Baptist and his poor family cannot illegally occupied the house any longer has it belong to SAC in law.

The PUCL demonstrators continue to shout slogans against SAC authorities for the “In justice” done to their client who had no house to live in and appealed Bangalore authorities of SDAC to step in and set right the matter once for all.PUCL



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