Auto Rickshaw drivers clash with fisheries minister A C Jain

1:33 PM, Tuesday, December 31st, 2013
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bundhMulky: A group of Auto Rickshaw men protesting against bad road conditions in Mulky at Charantipet wanted to submit a memorandum to fisheries and youth welfare minister Abhaya Cahndra Jain on Dec. 30 Monday, but the minister did not oblige them and took a different route from Panchayat Office to NadaKacheri (Local Office).

This action angered the auto Rickshaw drivers who followed the minister to the local office where there was a confrontation between the minister and auto rickshaw owner-drivers on the road along with Tempo and Taxi drivers.

When the vehicle driver powers raised a slogans and shouted “down-down” against the minister he was angry raised his fist to beat one of the drivers but later apologist and told the drivers that he did not mean to hit any one of them but only made a gustier to stop them from demonstrating against him.

After this face to face incident the vehicle drivers announced a dawn to dusk Bundh in Mulky on Tuesday Dec.31, before dispersing without a positive response from the minister to repair the bad roads in town on Monday.

Talking to news men minister Jain informed that about 10 days ago an amount of Rs.10 lakhs only had been earmarked for the road repairs in Mulky town and this had been duly reported in local news papers yet the Auto Rickshaw drivers and owners had protested against him in public, when he was attending a victory day meeting in Mulky at another venue on Monday.

The Mulky town and roads will not have auto rickshaws plying on them on Tuesday as determined by auto rickshaw union and its leaders, Bipin Prasad, Umanat Kotyan besides Sunil Alva of Mulky, Umesh Manampady and Navin Bappanadu.





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