Jhoota hi Sahi

11:28 AM, Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010
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Jhoota hi Sahi Mumbai : John Abraham (Hero) and Abbas Tyrewala (director) invest this Hindi film with full entertainment and smiles every 10 minutes for 2 and half hours.
It is difficult to believe that John changes his acting style, delivery of speech and manners for his new role.

Jhoota hi Sahi There is not much of a story and some tangential episodes crop up as the film proceeds. A.R. Rehman has given the music like an interruption in the story containing several forms of sexual relationships woven into it. The film is for a select audience, mostly young. Pakhi is the heroine in the film.
It is a light hearted entertainer with no definite social relations, but only smiles.


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