Koora Tangal takes charge as the new Qazi of Ullal Darga

12:05 PM, Friday, March 7th, 2014
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Qazi of Ullal Darga Mangalore : Assayyid Hamid Fazal Koyamma Tangal Madani Koorat, son of the former Qazi Tajul Ulema Assayyid Abdurrahman Al Bukhari Ullal Tangal, took charge as the new Qazi of Ullal of Ullal Dargah here on Thursday March 6.

At a function held in the premises of the Ullal Durga Sabah-al-Rifai-al-Qadir Baghdad and All India Sunni Jam’iyyathul Ulama President A P Aboobaker Kanthapuram presented the ‘Peta’ to the new Qazi.

Koora Tangal has been accepted as the Qazi of 28 ‘mohallas’ of Ullal. It is proclaimed that President of Ullal Central Mosque.

Speaking on the occasion, A P Aboobaker Musliyar said that the desire of the late late Qazi Tajul Ulema Ullal Tangal his son be chosen as his successor, he added.

Qazi of Ullal Darga A P Musliyar said there is a demand to appoint an assistant Qazi for Ullal. The Dargah committee should select a suitable person to this post.

Prof Abdulla Musliyar of Ullal Syed Madani Arabic College presided over the programme.

Minister for health and family welfare U T Khadar, Sulaiman Ustad of Isha’at-us-Sunna, Udupi Qazi Alhaj Bekal Ibrahim Musliyar, and many others were present on the occasion.



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