Body of missing pregnant woman found at Gangolli port; suspects suicide

1:55 PM, Friday, September 5th, 2014
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BabyKundapur : Missing pregnant woman from her home in Kundabarandadi village found dead at Gangolli port on September 5, Friday.

The deceased is identified as Baby (22), who was eight months pregnant.

It is learnt that, Baby did not did not leave any clue of leaving her house on September 4, Thursday morning. However, her body was found lying on the seashore in port area on Friday morning.

According to the locals, Baby had married Suresh, a worker in a tile factory in Mavinakatte vilage and also a daily deposit collection agent for a financial institution, 16 months back and did not have any serious differences but were leading a happy life. Hence, the cause of the death is yet to be known.

On Thursday around 4.30 am, Baby left the house without informing anyone and the family realized her absence at 4.45 am. Immediately they called her cell phone and found it ringing. But when they called again at 5 pm, cell phone was out of reach giving a message of ‘not reachable’ which made them to panic. The family with the help of villagers went in search of her but all efforts went in vain.

They also informed the fire brigade in the evening. The firemen searched her body in three ponds nearby but did not find it.

Police are investigation the reason of Baby’s death with the suspicion of suicide but could not find any reason behind it.


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