Mescom lineman misused by contractor, electrocuted and dies alleges, AEE Suratkhal.

6:13 PM, Friday, August 14th, 2015
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Surathkal: A lineman who had climbed an electric pole that was recently erected with LT lines (440/Volt). He had gone up the pole to give supply to a building for which underground cable connecting it, was recently laid and was electrocuted ,while he got in contact with a HT line above and very close to him  around 1.30pm on Thursday, August 13 according to the  AEE Abhishek Jain, Mescom Suratkhal.   Devaraj Achari (40), a resident of Brahmavar is the deceased.

 On Thursday around noon, Devaraj had climbed an electricity pole near Shubhagiri Kalyana Mantap, known as Giri Hall at Hosabettu. This  pole was recently  erected  and the lineman  had climbed on it,  to reach the power lines (440 Volts) on top of it. This was,  to  give  connection to a building for which an underground cable was recently laid connecting the pole. Earlier, an over head connection  to the apartment building was removed  after it got  punctured.  Just after he reached the top of the pole connecting LT line (440 Volt)  is the HT line (11KVA)live  running above and close to it laving, a little gap for one to work. Hence, he accidentally came in contact with a high tension live wire and died on the spot.

 Devaraj had to meet an end to his life by electrocution,  inspire of 15 years of work experience.s not wearing any safety gears. Over the last several years the issue of providing safety gears to Mescom linemen has been debated as several linemen even in the past had died due to freak mishaps of this kind. A learned person, who was at the spot, after coming to know of the incident,  also stated, that after every such deaths by electrocution, the Mescom officials have disowned and shunned their responsibilities.

 A learned and retired electrical engineer, who happened to visit the spot, who wish not be b identified, said guideline and norms laid by Indian Electricity act,  was not followed in this case, and there was a gross technical fault, by erecting two concrete poles near to each other and run the LT line below the HT line without leaving a minimum required gap. After, such work was executed at that spot, the line was charged  after approval and by AEE Suratkhal, after, inspecting the work according to AEE, Abhishek Jain. But AEE quickly added, by saying that Devaraj was hired by a Electrical contractor, to execute the private job that he had taken contract. AEE said, that Devraj lineman, was giving a cable connection to an apartment building and while executing that work he got electrocuted and died. He  said that the lines man had put off the LT line while the HT line was live. AEE, Abhishek Jain failed to answer many question relating to the unsafe work that was executed at that spot in Hosabettu which may have led to the death of Devaraj by electrocution.

AEE, Abhishek Jain,  when ask wether he has given police complaint on the contractor for  misusing Devaraj without his knowledge said, that the police refused take his complaint. 

Devaraj is survived by his wife and two daughters.

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