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Krishnashtami celebrated at Sri Krishna Math Udupi

Udupi MathUdupi : As usual Sri Krishna Janmashtami was celerbrated at Sri Krishna Math with much devotion and vigour. Math has been decorated with flowers, Car Street wore a vibrant look with children in Muddu Krishna attire. Eight centuries ago, Acharya Madhwa had installed the deity of Lord Krishna here and the chief priest personally prepares the eats for the occasion.

Even when rituals inside the Math were in progress, the Muddu Krishnas in the vicinity of the Math sparkled. On this day every mother was eager to see her child in the form of Bala Krishna, while Kadagolu Krishna could be seen in Sanctum Sanctorium. Bala Krishna or Muddu Krishna were seen every where on the Car street Dressed in Krishna costume and eating butter and dancing to the tune or a songs, is a popular scene, but the children weeping and dancing caught the attention.of every one present there

Special prayers were offered to Lord Krishna by Sri Vidyavallabhateertha Swamiji of Kaniyoor Math on this Unique Ashtami day in Udupi. Religious and cultural programmes with various competitions like Rangoli, fancy dress, singing devotional songs, and many others are held from Tuesday September 1 onward. Arghya Pradana (libation) is the most important ritual of Sri Krishna Janmashtami that will be performed at midnight on Saturday followed by Krishna Leelotsava the next day.