Kateel temple annual festival concludes with grand ‘Rathotsava’ and ‘Sootedara Seve’

9:09 PM, Thursday, April 21st, 2016
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Kateel templeKateelu : Thousands of devotees take part in the annual ‘Rathotsava’ and the ‘Sootedara Seve’ at Shree Durgaparameshwari Temple on Wednesday April 20.

The annual Utsavas was begun on April 12 and concluded on April 20. The Avabrathotsava performed on the last day of festival. The Goddess Durgaparameshwari was taken in the golden Palanquin to Yekkaru Village and after visiting Shibaroor Kodamanitya Destiny the Goddess arrived with a grand procession to Kateel.

After Rathotsava on the day of Arata (end of the annual feast) the ‘Sootedara Seve’ between Atthoor and Kodetthoor villagers, and fireworks enthralled the devotees.

Sootedara has its own importance in the history, devotees wearing only shawl and piece of cloth on their waist, they set ablaze the coconut leaves to throw each other.

Kateel templePeople of Atthur and Kodetthur village form two groups and start throwing fire at eachother on the ground near Raktheshwari temple in Ajar. The event is continued for three rounds. After which the teams move to Car Street of the temple and continue the seva.

The devotees then take bath in Okuli water. Even after the intense battle no one gets burn injuries. The small burn marks will be cured by the prasadam of the Goddess, people explain.

It is also said that when Goddedd Durga returns from her journey she cleansed her body and mind with fire and water as both are symbols of purity.


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