She will soon reveal reason for resignation

11:39 AM, Thursday, June 9th, 2016
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Anupama-ShenoyMangaluru : Despite staying in an undisclosed location, Kudligi Deputy Superintendent of Police Anupama Shenoy has been in regular touch with her maternal uncle Dinesh Prabhu, a resident of Padavinangady in Mangaluru, with whom she spent her school days. Mr. Prabhu, who runs a grocery shop, said his niece did seem a bit tense on June 5, a day after she tendered her resignation. “Now she has taken it in her stride. She is confident of handling the situation as it develops,” says Mr. Prabhu. “She is forthright and confident. She will shortly make public the facts leading to her resignation.” Mr. Prabhu and his wife Devika said they could feel the political pressure she was facing while working in Kudligi. “She has been dealing with it. But we were shocked to hear about her resignation,” Mr. Prabhu said.

On her Facebook status messages, he said, “She is giving vent to her frustration that she has undergone.”


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