Bhaskar Shetty’s murder was planned well in advance

12:53 PM, Friday, August 12th, 2016
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Bhaskar Shetty Udupi: Bhaskar Shetty murder was a proper pre planned murder. All the necessary things which were used to kill and destroy the evidences were purchased and stored well in advance. The investigation reports say that accused used 20 liters of petrol to burn the body of Bhaskar Shetty.

Bhaskar’s wife Rajeshwari, son Navneet and Rajeshwari’s illicit lover Niranjan had planned to dispose the Bhaskar’s body, so that nobody could find the traces of his murder. That’s why they had stored 20 liters of petrol before they kill Bhaskar.

Five people have been arrested in connection with this case. As per the interrogation reports the body was burnt in ‘Homa Kunda’. Later it the ash and remaining bones were disposed in river. But here the accused have showed a little bit intelligence, they haven’t thrown the bag used to bring the ash and bones.

If they had thrown the bag along with the ash and bone then some of the bones might have remained inside the bag. This has hindered the investigation speed.

Traces of body are not found yet. Though 20 liters of petrol used to burn the body, there is no evidence to prove this fact. Moreover, there is no proper evidence to prove how the body was burnt exactly.

Till now in this case police have arrested Rajeshwari, Navneet, Niranjan Bhat, Niranjan’s father Srinivas nad companion Raghavendra.


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