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Can see both the values of human and god in Lord Krishna: Pejavara Shree

Krishna Janmastami-Udupi1Udupi: “We can see both the values of human and god in Lord Krishna,” said Paryaya Shree Pejavara Math Shree Vishweshatheertha Shreepadh.

He was addressing the huge crowd at Shree Krishna Math, on the occasion of Krishna Janmashtami on Wednesday.

“Krishna keeps us away from evil spirits and saves innocents. We can see a spotless character of Krishna if we pursued him as a human,” he said.

Chief Guest of the programme Ramesh Jigjanagi said that politicians should keep them away from religious things, but religious thoughts and politics should move in a parallel way.

Krishna Janmastami-Udupi1Huge crowd at Udupi:

On Wednesday, Paryaya Shree Pejavara Math, Shree Vishweshatheertha Shreepadh performed special rituals to Lord Krishna and before that junior seer Shree Vishwaprasannatheertha decorated Krishna’s idol at jail and performed the rituals.

Huge crowd was gathered at Ashta Math premises, as it Ashtami is the prime festival of Udupi Shree Krishna Math. Lakhs of Chaklis and Laddus were offered to Lord Krishna.

Krishna Janmastami-Udupi1

Krishna Janmastami-Udupi1