Kundapura people attacked in Tamil Nadu reached back to home

10:09 AM, Thursday, September 15th, 2016
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kundapura-peopleUdupi: People who were attacked in Tamil Nadu over Cauvery issue have returned back to home on Wednesday. Other two will be reaching their home soon with their vehicle.

As per the details video of attacking Karnataka people in Tamil Nadu which went viral is the reason behind the violence which was witnessed by Bengaluru.

Tamil Nadu police have promised to escort their vehicles till the Karnataka boarder safely.

Manjunath Kulal had been to Rameshwaram along with others. Tamilians attacked on him after noticing the Karnataka registration of their vehicle.

They also attacked on Manjunath’s relatives who were present in the vehicle. They shot the video of it and circulated in social media.

Still Manjunath Kulal and other passenger Arpi Kulal are still in Tamil Nadu. They are expected to reach Karnataka on Thursday.


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