HJS and RHA staged stir against attack on Indian army camp and Sunny Leon’s presence in India

9:30 AM, Wednesday, September 21st, 2016
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hjs-and-rhaMangaluru: Hindu Janajagrati Samiti (HJS) and Rashtriya Hindu Andolan jointly staged protest against the terror attack on Indian army camp by Pakistan and demanding to expel Sunny Leon from India, in front of DC office on Monday.

Addressing the gathering HJS member Pratamesh said that the attacks on Indian army camp by the terrorists is condemnable.17 soldiers sacrificed their life and more than 30 were injured.

“Soldiers are our life. They protect the boarder as well as us without fearing to loss their life also. This is not the first time our soldiers are sacrificing their life, previously during Pathankot attack also they were got killed by the terrorists. We have to intensify the protests to pressurise the government to take stern action against those who attack on Indian army,” he said.

Lakshmish, member of HJS said that if the soldiers were thinking about their family, wife and children, then Pakistani soldiers would have entered Indian boarders, but they didn’t let to happen so. They fought for us.

“People like Sunny Leon should not allow living in India. Her websites should be banned in India and she should be expelled from India,” he added.


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