Yettinahole activists arrested for attempting to wave black flag to Minister Rai

10:36 AM, Wednesday, November 2nd, 2016
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Yettinahole activistsMangaluru: Police foiled the attempt of Yettinahole activists to wave black flag in front of district in-charge Minister Ramanath Rai at A B Shetty Circle during Kannada Rajyothsava celebration on Tuesday.

As many as 8 activists who are against to the Yettinahole project were trying to demonstrate black flag to the district in-charge Minister Ramanath Rai, who was supposed to take the guard of honour after hoisting the Karnataka flag at Nehru Maidan.

The activists were trying to enter the Nehru Maidan to wave the black flag. By the timely intervention of the police foiled the attempt of the activists.

Further police arrested four more activists at Car Street, who were moving towards Nehru Maidan.

Each and every car was checked by the police for the smooth proceedings of the Kannada Rajyothsava celebrations. The security was increased by many folds to curb the undesirable incidents.


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