Toll collection starts amid protests in Talapady toll gate on Wednesday

3:04 PM, Wednesday, February 8th, 2017
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amid-protests-in-TalapadyUllal: Toll collection has begun amid protests on Talapady toll gate on Wednesday morning. As many as 12 protesters have been arrested by the police when they tried to stop toll collection in the gate physically. However, the toll collection resumed soon after their arrest.

Earlier, the protesters including locals, congress workers, traders, members of various associations and others had objected and staged protests when the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) and contract company Navayuga planned to start toll collection in newly constructed Talapady toll gate without completing NH expansion, service road works. The protesters said that, the concerned officials of toll collection are showing irresponsibility on the issue.

The protests held as the contact company started collecting toll on Wednesday without completing the works of four laning of national highway (NH), works of service roads. The company is also failed to provide basic facilities in toll gate to the vehicles, drivers pass through the gate.

Vehicle traffic on the toll gate jammed for half an hour during the protests on Wednesday morning. The passengers were also faced difficulty due to the traffic jam.


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