Under trail prisoners hold open get-together inside the Mangaluru jail 

8:05 PM, Wednesday, July 19th, 2017
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Mangaluru Jail Mangaluru : Under trail prisoners in Mangaluru jail banqueting photographs went viral after it circulated in Social media recently.

The six prisoners have made a banquet party in the old prison room. They brought Biriyani and non veg items from outside has been photographed on their cell phones and sent to social media.

It is believed that the food and liquor were brought with the help of jail authorities for this particular party.

Visitors can easily supply ganja, liquors, cigarettes, foods and sim cards inside the jail. A convicted prisoner can get all the outside joy, same as inside the jail.

It is said, while Malabari Rasheed was in jail, the dinner party was on a regular basis, with help of his inmates.

The jail presently hosts a prisoner population of 425. It is said that the jail faces a shortage of twenty staff while the government rules say 40 staff are required for 250 inmates. 50 KISF personnel were supposed to guard the jail while only 24 are on payroll and only 18 of them are on duty presently.

Mangaluru Jail


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