Kasaragod youth who joined IS in Afghanistan killed in ‘drone strike’

2:17 PM, Tuesday, August 1st, 2017
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Mohammad MarwanKasaragod : A 23-year-old youth from Kerala who, along with 20 persons, is suspected to have fled to Afghanistan last year to join the Islamic State (IS), was killed in a “drone strike,” a senior National Investigation Agency (NIA) official said. He was quoting a message recieved by the youth’s father.

Mohammad Marwan, a resident of Kasaragod in Kerala, was among a group of women, men and children who made their way to the Khorasan province in Afghanistan via Iran to be a part of the IS- controlled territory.

Earlier, three members of the group – Bestin Vincent, Mohammad Hafeezuddin and Murshid Mohammad – were also killed in drone attacks.

On Monday, Marwan’s father recieved a message from Ashfaq Majeed, who is in Afghanistan, that “Marwan has been killed in a drone strike and it has been a few days.”

The message was sent on ‘Telegram’, an encrypted message application.


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