Puttur block Congress president, Fazal Rahim’s sex video went controversy

4:50 PM, Thursday, August 10th, 2017
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Fazal RahimPuttur : A sex video site clip went controversy after Puttur block Congress president Advocate Fazal Rahim shared to five groups including Dakshina Kannada district in-charge minister, B Ramanath Rai on Wednesday.

It is said, Putturu MLA Shakuntha Shetty and many leaders have reacted sharply, condemning the Congress leader for sharing such a clip. It is said that the video clip which was received to a WhatsApp group of which Fazal is a member, was accompanied by lure of attractive prize.

MLA, Shakuntala Shetty,  condemned sharing of obscene matter and content which hurts others through social media. She asserted that in spite of who has done it, the person concerned is wrong.

Fazal Rahim said, I did not find anything obscene in it. he got message to share the clip with five more people to be eligible for the prize, he said.


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