Traditional gaiety marks Churnotsava in Udupi

9:47 AM, Tuesday, January 16th, 2018
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udupimuttUdupi: Traditional pomp and gaiety marked Churnotsava or Suvarnotsava at the Sri Krishna Mutt/Temple here on Monday.

The Churnotsava is held the day after the Three Chariot Festival, which happened here on Sunday. The Churnotsava marks the culmination of the Sapthotsava.

Many rituals marked the Churnotsava. The utsava murtis (the idols taken out during procession) of Lord Krishna and Lord Mukhyaprana (Hanuman) were brought in a golden palanquin to the entrance of the Sri Krishna Mutt/Temple.

udupimutt1The deities were then shifted to the biggest chariot or ratha called the Brahma Ratha. Then Vishwesha Tirtha of Pejawar Mutt, Vishwaprasanna Tirtha, junior seer, Vidyasagara Tirtha of Krishnapur Mutt, Vishwapriya Tirtha of Admar Mutt, Ishapriya Tirtha, junior seer of Admar Mutt, Vidyadheesha Tirtha of Palimar Mutt, Vidyavallabha Tirtha of Kaniyur Mutt, Vishwavallabha Tirtha of Sode Vadiraja Mutt and Lakshmivara Tirtha of Shiroor Mutt climbed the chariot and offered prayers to the deities in the chariot.

They, then, distributed coins, fruits and laddus to the hundreds of devotees who surrounded the Brahma Ratha. The devotees competed with one another to catch hold of laddus and fruits, being served as prasada. There was a lot of cheering when they caught hold of these items.

udupimutt3The seers then came down from the Brahma Ratha and began pulling the chariot. The devotees joined the seers in pulling the Brahma Ratha. Two Tatirayas, the insignia holders of the Paryaya Pejawar Mutt, the trumpet blowers, the drum beaters, in that order, participated in the procession, with the majestic chariot being pulled behind them.

The Brahma Ratha moved in a clockwise direction on Car Street and came back to the entrance of the Sri Krishna Mutt/Temple in about 15 minutes. The idols of Lord Krishna and Lord Mukhyaprana were then shifted to the temple. The seers and the devotees then went to the Madhwa Sarovara for the Avabrita Snana or purificatory bath. Later, a large number of devotees were served food during the Anna Santharpane at the temple.

Subudhendra Tirtha of Mantralayam Mutt, Vishwabhushana Tirtha of Ramohalli Mutt and Vishwatma Tirtha of Prayaga Mutt were present.


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