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Protest against the self-proclaimed managing committee of the Ullal Dargah

protestMangaluru: The members of the Seyyad Madani Mohalla Okkuta (SMO), Ullal, will stage a mass protest against the mismanagement and oppression by the self-proclaimed managing committee of the Ullal Dargah, at Tokkottu bus stand at 3 pm on April 6.

Addressing media on Wednesday, SMO president P S Mohammed Shaihabuddin Kamil Sakhafi said that the managing committee of the Ullal Dargah is a self-proclaimed body.

The election conducted for the committee in 2016 was full of illegality and malpractices. Based on complaints on the same, the Karnataka State Board of Wakf has directed to assume the Ullal Dargah under the direct management of the Wakf Board and to conduct fresh elections, as per the Wakf Act, in an order issued on May 18, 2016. However, the order has been stayed by the High Court, he explained.

The management committee continues to carry out the administration of the Ullal Dargah in complete violation of customs. Most of the members in the committee are corrupt and have anti-social background, he said.

Sakhafi further accused that the salaries of teachers at 12 mosques and madrasas, administered by Ullal Dargah, are unpaid for 10 to 18 months. The salary due is to the extent of Rs 50 lakh.

“The present managing committee is acting against the directions of the Present Khazi of Ullal, Assayyed Fazal Koyamma Koorath Al-Bukhari, which is a form of disrespect. The goons paid by the committee have been attacking justice seekers and law abiding citizens. The syllabus of the madrasa text book is replaced against the decisions of the khazi, against the rules.
The present committee has also misappropriated funds of the Ullal Dargah. The committee also went to the extent of declaring the date of Eid Ul Fithur, to be on the previous day of the real date of the festival,” said Sakhafi.

The president further said that although a complaint has been submitted to the local MLA, he has not acted against the illegalities and is found to be supportive of the committee members.

Seyyad Madani Mohalla Okkuta honorary president U S Hamza Haji, SMO members Seyyid Kunaid Tanjal and Ashraf Sullia and Wakf Board member Althaf Kumpala were present at the press meet.