Ramanath Rai declares assets

9:32 AM, Monday, April 23rd, 2018
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ramanath-raiMangaluru: The value of assets belonging to Minister for Forest, Environment and Ecology and district in-charge B. Ramanath Rai has more than doubled in the last 10 years. While Mr. Rai had fixed assets worth ₹ 1.13 crore in 2008, he now has assets worth ₹ 2.51 crore.

The fixed assets mentioned in the affidavit filed on April 26, 2008 included Mr. Rai’s house and 7.85 acres of agriculture land, both in Kallige village of Bantwal. He had also mentioned paying ₹ 73.5 lakh while signing an agreement for the purchase of 6.2 acres of land in Amtady village. He had mentioned ₹ 42.7 lakh dues that included outstanding loan of ₹ 7.7 lakh.

In his affidavit filed as Congress candidate from Bantwal Assembly constituency on April 19, 2018, Mr. Rai has declared the value of his self-acquired fixed assets at ₹ 2.51 crore. It includes non-agriculture land in Amtady village purchased in January 2010 at ₹ 28 lakh, non-agriculture land in Bantwal village purchased in April 2009 at ₹ 6 lakh and non- agriculture land in Bantwal in August 2017 at ₹ 8.3 lakh.

Mr. Rai has declared his income at ₹ 72.65 lakh of which ₹ 15 lakh is from agriculture and ₹ 57.65 lakh is from non-agriculture sources. He has movable assets worth ₹ 53.87 lakh that includes a car worth ₹ 9 lakh and another valued at ₹ 7 lakh.

His wife, Dhanabhagya Rai, has self-acquired assets worth ₹ 95 lakh that includes 0.43 acres of land in Mooda village, 2.87 acre in Kallige village and 3.04 acre of land in Bantwal. Among the movable assets include ₹ 1.9 lakh in cash, ₹ 31.56 lakh in five bank accounts and gold ornaments worth ₹ 42 lakh. Mr. Rai has declared his wife’s income at ₹ 10.35 lakh of which ₹ 8 lakh is from agriculture while ₹ 2.35 lakh is from non-agriculture sources.

Mr. Rai’s daughter, Charisma Rai, has fixed assets worth ₹ 21 lakh, while her movable assets is worth ₹ 34.17 lakh. Her income is put at ₹ 6.34 lakk. Mr. Rai’s son Chaitradeep Rai has movable assets worth ₹ 21.82 lakh that includes gold ornaments worth ₹ 4.5 lakh.

Mr. Ramanath Rai has a loan of ₹ 34.59 lakh while his daughter has a loan of ₹ 37.89 lakh, Mr. Rai said in his affidavit.


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