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Man smuggling 5kg ganja nabbed

smugglingMangaluru: the CISF at the Mangaluru International airport apprehended a man who was allegedly trying to smuggle 10 kilograms of ganja, concealed inside pumpkins on Friday, May 18th.

The accused has been identified as Tasleem Kalayi from Kalayi was to travel to Doha by a flight that was to leave from the international airport here at 5.35 pm.

CISF personnel doing the routine security screening of the baggage, detected images of large round-shaped objects in Basheer’s cabin bag at about 4.15 pm. Opening the bag revealed three pumpkins. The men at the gate got suspicious about three pumpkins the man was carrying with him and questioned him about it but, Tasleem failed to provide any convincing reply.

The CISF personnel grew suspicious and went ahead to check the pumpkins. A close inspection revealed that the pumpkins had been neatly cut open, its inner core was removed through the holes and replaced with5 kg of marijuana placed in plastic wrappers inside.

Customs officials are interrogating the passenger for further action.