Media Should correct thieves politicians like me : Vasanth Bangera

6:53 PM, Saturday, June 16th, 2018
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Vasanth BangeraBelthangady: This country will be devastated by Modi, media have lost their respect along with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Press and television media has been sold to PM Modi, I will not respected media any more, former MLAVasanth Bangera said, during Charmadi Ghat hill slide on June 14th.

Former MLA Vasanth Bangera has reportedly called media ‘sell-outs’ and also that Prime Minsiter Narendra Modi would ‘sell’ the nation if he continues to be in power has gone viral.

Media Should correct thieves and politicians like me. And that is media’s responsibility. But I want to tell everyone that media have been ‘sold’ in the country. Modi must be the prime minister, but this work of keeping media under control does not suit him. If he continues to be in power, he will definitely sell the country. Democracy is being destroyed in the nation,” said Bangera.


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