Mangaluru Rural Police seized 80 lorry loads sand

9:00 AM, Monday, June 25th, 2018
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sand Mangaluru : The Mangaluru Rural Police on Sunday seized 80 lorry loads of sand that was reportedly stocked illegally in Devarapadavu in Thiruvail village.

The sand was stocked at a place which was about 100 m away from Devarapadavu Gate in Vamanjoor. The police are on the look-out for those who had stocked sand.

Following directions by the former Mangaluru Police Commissioner Vipul Kumar, the city police started nearly a month ago to seize sand stocked illegally in different parts of the city. Soon after taking charge, Police Commissioner T.R. Suresh told reporters that he would continue with the work initiated by Mr. Kumar.

Following seizure of sand on Sunday, the Mangaluru Rural Police have handed over the case to the Department of Mines and Geology for further investigation, The department will move the seized sand to one of the three yards of the Public Works Department on Monday.

The sand seized since last one month has also been moved to the three yards where it will be sold at rates prescribed by the State government, the police said.


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